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Shows the number of different IRQs received by the kernel. High disk or network traffic can cause a high number of interrupts (with good hardware and drivers this will be less so). Sudden high interrupt activity with no associated higher system activity is not normal.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
3f00b880.mailbox [1] i2 derive     Interrupt 2, for device(s): 3f00b880.mailbox [1]
VCHIQ doorbell [2] i3 derive     Interrupt 3, for device(s): VCHIQ doorbell [2]
dwc_otg, dwc_otg_pcd, dwc_otg_hcd:usb1 [64] i9 derive     Interrupt 9, for device(s): dwc_otg, dwc_otg_pcd, dwc_otg_hcd:usb1 [64]
3f804000.i2c [85] i30 derive     Interrupt 30, for device(s): 3f804000.i2c [85]
3f204000.spi [86] i31 derive     Interrupt 31, for device(s): 3f204000.spi [86]
dwc_otg_sim-fiq i41 derive     Interrupt 41, for device(s): dwc_otg_sim-fiq
bcm2708_fb DMA i48 derive     Interrupt 48, for device(s): bcm2708_fb DMA
DMA IRQ i50 derive     Interrupt 50, for device(s): DMA IRQ
DMA IRQ i52 derive     Interrupt 52, for device(s): DMA IRQ
DMA IRQ i53 derive     Interrupt 53, for device(s): DMA IRQ
DMA IRQ i56 derive     Interrupt 56, for device(s): DMA IRQ
ttyS0 i61 derive     Interrupt 61, for device(s): ttyS0
mmc0 [88] i65 derive     Interrupt 65, for device(s): mmc0 [88]
mmc1 [94] i71 derive     Interrupt 71, for device(s): mmc1 [94]
arch_timer [1] i147 derive     Interrupt 147, for device(s): arch_timer [1]
kvm guest vtimer [3] i148 derive     Interrupt 148, for device(s): kvm guest vtimer [3]
arm-pmu [9] i150 derive     Interrupt 150, for device(s): arm-pmu [9]
Rescheduling interrupts iIPI0 derive     Interrupt IPI0, for device(s): Rescheduling interrupts
Function call interrupts iIPI1 derive     Interrupt IPI1, for device(s): Function call interrupts
CPU stop interrupts iIPI2 derive     Interrupt IPI2, for device(s): CPU stop interrupts
CPU stop (for crash dump) interrupts iIPI3 derive     Interrupt IPI3, for device(s): CPU stop (for crash dump) interrupts
Timer broadcast interrupts iIPI4 derive     Interrupt IPI4, for device(s): Timer broadcast interrupts
IRQ work interrupts iIPI5 derive     Interrupt IPI5, for device(s): IRQ work interrupts
CPU wake-up interrupts iIPI6 derive     Interrupt IPI6, for device(s): CPU wake-up interrupts
Err iErr derive